Secure cloud-based platform built with strict security standards for modern healthcare organizations.
Save money by sending and receiving unlimited calls, texts, and faxes to and from any North American number.
Easily ‘port’ your phone number to RingRx so your service will never be interrupted.
High-definition desk phones provide better sound quality, enhanced call clarity, better speech recognition and greater connectivity.
Use our easy-to-use mobile app to make or take phone calls, and texts and access voicemail from anywhere.
Integrate RingRx’s powerful features into your EMR, billing, marketing, analytics or communications software using our API.

Screen, route urgent calls to the on-call provider, and send non-urgent calls to voicemail boxes or other destinations.

RingRx Queues manage calls across a call center and can be used to create powerful call management scenarios or enable workflows.

Streamline communication with easy-to-setup and manage multi-party audio conference calls.