5 Reasons Your Practice Should Switch to HIPAA compliant efax

  1. Increased Security and Compliance with encryption
  2. Streamlined record keeping with electronic filing
  3. Less waste with no need for paper, toner or ink
  4. No more upload times with instant sending and receiving
  5. Elminitates the expense and upkeep of another office machine

With RingRx, you don’t have to choose between web-based and traditional faxing

Our system seamlessly integrates web-based and traditional faxing so everyone in your office can work the way they’re most comfortable, and stay HIPAA compliant.

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Feature Highlights

  • Contact directory helps make faxing to your regular recipients faster and more reliable.
  • Automatic cover sheets allow you to easily add content and instructions.
  • Integrate with your internal fax servers to speed up the process of categorizing files in the correct patient file.
  • Expertly crafted information systems keep your communication safe and confidential.
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HIPAA compliant fax across all your devices

RingRx builds expertly crafted information systems that keep your communication safe and confidential. Learn More →

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5 Reasons Your Practice Should Switch to HIPAA compliant efax

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