Do you already have a number you want to bring to RingRx?

No problem!

If you have a number with another phone company, you can bring it over to your account on RingRx. After you start a free trial account, just let us know you already have an established phone number at another phone company and that you want to bring it to RingRx.

We will handle the rest.

The process of moving phone numbers is called a “port” and is an established process between two phone companies to ensure your service is handled by the company you want and your number is protected.

Please be advised it can take 1-3 weeks for a port to complete, so just be prepared for the time schedule. Don’t worry, your number will still work the entire time with no expected downtime.
You can also forward your existing number to your temporary RingRx number while the port is in process. We will be in touch with you during the process so we will help make sure all of your needs are met.

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