RingRx Coronavirus
Small Provider Assistance Program

We at RingRx have been seeing daily the tremendous impact that the coronavirus is having, not only on telecommunications but on the healthcare industry as a whole. We recognize that small providers are facing tough times as patients may be getting furloughed and losing coverage at exactly the same time that demand for care has never been higher.

We want to help, so we are extending an offer to any business or provider that qualifies and makes use of the US Chamber of Commerce emergency loan program. Any office, practice or business using this program is immediately eligible for a 90 day significant reduction in their RingRx telecom costs in the hopes of keeping critical nursing and healthcare staff employed by helping reduce their fixed operating costs instead, allowing them to keep much needed headcount.

RingRx will discount all per-seat services for applying qualified subscribers as follows

  • %20 off monthly service for bills up to $100
  • %30 off monthly service for bills $101-500
  • %35 off monthly service for bill $501+

This discount is good for 3 billing cycles past the day of approval and can be applied to a new service sign-up. Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

All you need to qualify is show approval for participation in the federal loan program and be a RingRx subscriber in good standing (new subscriptions can apply after sign-up).

New applications for the discount program will be accepted up until July 15th 2020.

To Inquire or apply email info@ringrx.com