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CAHF: An Introspective Look Into Skilled Nursing Facilities

With its stylish hotels, golf courses, hot springs and mid-century-modern houses, Palm Springs is a great place to visit. It doesn’t hurt that the high temperatures in this southern California city rarely dip below 70°.  What brought me to this city in the Sonoran Desert this time, though, was the California Association of Health Facilities […]

Ready, Set, Send HIPAA Compliant Fax with RingRx!

hipaa efax

Who wants to send a HIPAA compliant fax? Well, the answer largely depends on who you ask. Although it may be bulky and slow, some people find comfort and assurance in the sight of traditional fax machines. They do not yet trust the notion of sending their most private information into the cloud. Logging into […]

The Cost-Efficient HIPAA Compliant Phone App

RingRx’s HIPAA Compliant Phone App is an incredibly cost-effective response to the need for processing the hundreds of important calls your practice receives each day. There are many reasons for you to trust RingRx for all of your vital communication needs. A fluid and secure channel of patient communication is vital to the health of […]

RingRX: The Doctor Phone App

Doctor Phone App

HIPAA compliance is much more than simply securing patient files. It includes any kind of interaction that puts patient information out in the world whether it’s picking up a prescription or ensuring hard copies of patient records are seen only by authorized personnel. A major element of HIPAA doesn’t happen in print; however, it happens […]