The Only HIPAA Compliant
Phone System Built for Doctors

An affordable on-call and phone system for your office

Stop overpaying for an overly-complex phone system.
RingRx helps large and small practices improve patient-staff
communication, while reducing costs and errors.


Start Saving Up to 60% on Your Phone Bill

Plus enjoy on-call scheduling & unlimited calls

Unlimited local + long-distance calling

Easy on-call scheduling & shift reminders

Play voice messages on your mobile

No setup costs

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Your VOIP Phone System Isn’t Designed for Doctors.
RingRx is.

With over 20 years of experience catering to the healthcare industry, you can be sure we designed our HIPAA compliant RingRx to help you provide better care, reduce delays, and efficiently communicate with patients and staff. We truly believe it is the best phone system for a medical office.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Running your practice without ensuring HIPAA compliance would be like operating with unsterilized instruments. Rest easy. RingRx protects you and your patients thanks to our HIPAA compliant phone systems for healthcare customers and secure cloud infrastructure.



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Let the On-Call System Triage Your Calls So Human Error
Is Taken Out of the Equation

Medical On-Call System

Say goodbye to the wrong physician getting disturbed at the wrong time or on the wrong device.

RingRx On-Call virtual call center automatically transfers calls based on your preferences. Get notified and choose to take the call whether you’re on mobile, at home or at the office.

Work Smarter Not Harder
with the RingRx Mobile App

Reduce patient care delays by getting voice messages automatically sent to your iPhone or Android device with the RingRx Mobile App.

Play messages, annotate them or return calls at the touch of your fingers.

Low Flat Rate.
No Setup Costs.

Stop overpaying on your business phone services. And stop relying on IT to manage your business phone systems. With RingRx you get a low fixed fee and we’re here for you in case you need a hand, at no extra charge.

Switching to RingRx is easy because you have no hardware or installations costs to bear.

Super Dedicated & Personal
Support for All Customers

Every new account starts with a consultation with one of our onboarding specialists to ensure your virtual call center is designed the way you want and your team is comfortable.

We’re people-people, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or request we make a change to your account.

Be Up and Running In Days
Not Weeks

Whether you need a simple one- or two-phone system, or a complex menu driven VOIP phone system for multiple locations, we’ll get you set up in a matter of days with the best phone system for a medical office.

Simply call us at 1-888-980-6860 or start your free trial today to receive your preprogrammed phones in 1 to 3 days.

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