Protect Patients with a HIPAA-Compliant Communications System

Security and HIPAA compliance have never been more straightforward.
Patient confidentiality is RingRx’s top priority. Our commitment to HIPAA compliance lets you communicate with patients and staff across all devices safely and securely. We built our platform from the ground up with the strictest security standards, so patient data is never at risk.

Increase Patient Trust

HIPAA compliance increases trust by protecting private medical information while giving patients access to their health records. RingRx is a fully-featured communication system that gives patients greater confidence based on industry-leading privacy and security features.

Protect Patient Privacy

RingRx provides the features,  training, and resources to help you protect the privacy and security of sensitive patient data. We built RingRx from the ground up for security and compliance, so you don’t have to worry about your patient’s information being exposed.

Built From The Ground Up To
Be Secure And Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

Secure cloud-based platform built with strict security standards for modern healthcare organizations.

Business Associate Agreement

An agreement that spells out vendor/healthcare provider responsibilities, the information covered, and its protection.

HIPAA Expertise

All RingRx staff are certified and receive continuing education and training to guide clients on HIPAA regulations and compliance.

Modern Encryption

Data is encrypted to enhanced security standards, preventing breaches and unauthorized access.

Committed to Ongoing

Regular Audits

RingRx manages annual external network systems and data custody audits, including deployment and maintenance practices.

Secure Team Texting

Send and receive encrypted texts with co-workers using the Mobile App or RingRx Portal.

System Access Audit Logs

Each voicemail message contains an audit trail of who listened to it, deleted it, and when.

Cloud-Based Servers

Store all phone system data in highly secured and protected cloud-based servers, ensuring you can access it when needed.

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