Route After Hours Calls to the Right Provider on the Right Device

RingRx OnCall replaces costly, error-prone traditional answering services.

Deliver the best after-hours experience for your patients while minimizing the on-call burden for your medical staff. RingRx OnCall reduces errors, shortens response time, and can handle multiple specialty on-call groups.

Increase Office Efficiency

RingRx’s powerful calendar, profile, and management system lets each on-call provider set their profile, ensuring calls are managed correctly while reducing administration headaches and patient delays. Our sophisticated on-call management platform automates connecting callers with after-hours providers using sophisticated customization features. 

All the Features You Need,

Call Routing

Screen, route urgent calls to the on-call provider, and send non-urgent calls to voicemail boxes or other destinations.

Personalized OnCall Profiles

On-call providers use the RingRx Portal to select how and when they want to be reached in real-time.

OnCall Reminders

Automatic shift reminder notifications help on-call staff remember when their next shift is starting.

Personalize Physician

Speed Up Response Time

Human errors and delays can damage patient relationships. RingRx OnCall avoids human errors and response time delays.

Easy Calendar Management

Combine real-time shift calendars with integrated on-call notifications to help better manage employee resources.

Uncovered Shift Alarms

Administrators are automatically notified of gaps in shift coverage, ensuring patients are covered 24x7.

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