Take the burden out of after-hours emergencies

RingRx On-Call scheduling routes urgent calls to the right provider on the right device.

Manage your OnCall scheduling directly in the RingRx portal

Build your schedule easily and make changes anytime you need. Real-time updates are seen by all on-call staff, so there is less confusion about who is on-duty.

on call scheduling

Customize your contact protocols

Everybody who goes on-call sets their preferred methods to be contacted. Use your cell phone number, the RingRx mobile app extension, landline or any other number.  

medical scheduling software

Enjoy shift reminder notifications

Shift reminder notifications will help your staff remember when their next shift is starting. Now, you can have peace of mind, knowing that everybody knows when they’re coming into work.

on call scheduling software

Manage your OnCall scheduling efficiently

Save time by copying and pasting repeating shifts. Never miss an uncovered shift with backup settings and shift notifications.

physician on call scheduling software

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Take your calls anywhere, anytime

Manage all your patient communication from one app.

HIPAA compliant phone service

Take your calls anywhere, anytime

Manage all your patient communication from one app.

Are you ready to take your patient communication to a whole new level?