Boost Patient Engagement
Fill Appointments

Automate voice, text, and email communications to enhance your patient experience without adding additional work.

Patient-Centric Communication

RingRx Outreach allows healthcare professionals to effectively and conveniently stay in touch with patients, without the additional administrative burdens.

Boost Productivity

Take the complexity out of patient communications with easy-to-use scheduling and automation tools that enhance your relationship with your patients.

Regular Communications Keep Seats Filled

Keep patients updated and engaged with automated reminders, marketing offers, and new patient forms via their favorite devices. Features include:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Marketing Messages
  • Outreach Profiles

Already Have a Business Phone Number?

Keep your existing number without interrupting service. That’s the power of RingRx.

All The Features You Need

RingRx’s business-class phone system helps you create a patient-first communications system that meets the unique needs of your practice.

Virtual Receptionist

Automatically route calls through your organization based on operating hours or team responsibilities.

Ring Groups

Group extensions by department so they ring simultaneously, and teams will never miss a call.

High-Quality Deskphones

RingRx’s deskphones provide crystal clear high-definition audio, minimize disruptions, and give the best workflow options.

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