Meet RingRx

At RingRx, we’re passionate about advancing patient care through innovative communication solutions.

Our founders, Doug Parent and Ryan Delgrosso bring decades of experience in healthcare communications, telephone technology innovation, and call center management.

We created RingRx to end the issues that have plagued busy healthcare professionals for years. As a team, we understand the unique needs of healthcare providers and develop products and services that solve their everyday problems.

From our fully-featured, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based VoIP communication system to our commitment to US-based customer service, we are dedicated to improving the patient experience.

At RingRx, we are committed to providing a modern, best-in-class, fully-featured communications system designed for healthcare professionals. We are customer-centric and innovative and work as a team to provide value to our community.

If you want to talk about telecom, patient experience, or healthcare technology, connect with us today.