Build Your Own Communications Stack

Enhance your applications with RingRx’s API

RingRx lets developers take advantage of its powerful features and integrate into your company’s enterprise applications. Build specialized communication applications using our features, capabilities, and data to fit what your practice or hospital needs.

Powerful API Unlocks Endless Possibilities

Join the customers who’ve used the RingRx platform to extend and improve their EMR, billing, marketing, analytics, communications software, and more.

Take advantage of RingRx’s powerful features and integrate them into your enterprise applications.

Build What You Need With RingRx

Extend EMR Functionality

When patients call, see their name, photo, appointment date, call history, and outstanding balance. Even click to call from your EMR.

Better Revenue Cycle Management

Track revenue from patients from initial appointments or encounters with the healthcare system to the final balance payment.

Custom Analytics

Become a data-driven business by using real-time custom analytics to inform your business decisions.

Custom Call Center Functions

Create specialized call center functions, such as call queues, automatic call distribution, click-to-call, and outbound call campaigns.

Fax Server Integration

Save time and reduce staff headaches by automating and integrating inbound faxing, making documents available as soon as needed.

Advanced Call Management

Customize your contact protocols, set up do-not-disturb rules, transfer to other numbers, and more.

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