Streamline Your Call Center Operations with RingRx Call Queues

Efficiently manage your calls across dynamic agent pools with RingRx’s Call Queue Feature

RingRx’s Call Queues simplifies call management across a call center and lets you create powerful call management scenarios. With RingRx Queues, call centers of any size can manage many calls across a dynamic pool of agents.

Improve Patient Experience

RingRx call queues help manage high-volume call traffic, ensuring patients can speak with the right person in a timely manner, reducing wait times, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

Increase Office Efficiency

Simplify the management of incoming calls, ensuring that calls are automatically routed to the right agents or departments. This means fewer missed calls, quicker response times, and a more efficient workflow.

All the Features You Need, Including…

RingRx’s Call Queue streamlines your call center operations.


Sequentially route calls to available agents, offer music-on-hold to calls in queue, or re-offer the call when availability changes.

Moderation Features

Provide guidance to agents to improve service by entering a monitoring session and speaking to the caller or agent or starting a three-way call.

Agent and Manager Features

Statistics are tracked using a queue dashboard, with alarms for calls that go past the maximum wait or max callers thresholds.

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