Simplifying communication between patient + practice

RingRx HIPAA compliant phone system makes it easy to engage your patients — anywhere, anytime

Just a call away

Easily access all patient contact info and voicemail from any device. Switch between devices to stay in touch with patients with RingRx.

patient communication

Texting is easy 🙂

Send text messages to patients and colleagues from your smartphone, without using your personal phone number.

Fax without the fuss

With our HIPAA compliant phone system you can securely send documents to hospitals, labs and healthcare partners. Fax from the web, a machine, or both.

hipaa compliant fax

Our on-call system is never off-the-clock (even if you are)

Fully automated On-Call system to route calls to the right doctor on the right device. Easy-to-use after hours system to handle calls the way you want.

Patient confidentiality is our top priority

Communicate with patients and staff using our HIPAA compliant phone system, knowing that the information exchanged is safe and secure. Learn More →

A customized solution for every practice size.

Our system offers seamless, scaleable solutions.

Solo practice

No staff? No problem. RingRx is designed to fit the needs of your busy practice by making sure you never miss a call or text from a patient.

hipaa compliant phone for therapists


Workflow and profitability are a constant challenge, and your needs keep getting more and more complex. RingRx makes it easy handle patient comunication — no IT department required.

phone system for medical office

Hospitals and clinics

Maximize the power of our enterprise software and quality telecommunications. RingRx’s platform is scalable, open, and built to handle the most intense environments while delivering time-saving features to the boots on the ground.

patient doctor communication

Join thousands of healthcare providers already using RingRx to engage with patients, cut costs, and streamline workflow

“RingRX is my first experience with anything like this. It’s going wonderfully! I would absolutely recommend it. It’s so affordable for the benefits.“

- Emily Springer, Owner, Gainesville Speech and Language , Gainesville, TX

“RingRx is easy and fills my needs as a solo practitioner well. It is great to have mobile phone service with a separate phone number. I like the ease of use, simple app download, ease of faxing, and affordability.”

- Dr Katy Morrison, Rockland, ME

“I would recommend RingRx because it has very good features and is reasonably priced. I was able to try the system before buying it. I love the fax system. I like that I do not have to have a fax machine to send or receive faxes and the fact that my clients can text my company´s number.“

- Bianca Lilly, Brite ABA Therapy , Lake Charles, LA

“RingRx is a reliable and affordable HIPAA compliant service. Voice transcription of voice messages is a time saver. I like having fax, phone and text messages all in one place. Good customer service with pretty quick responses to email questions. “

- Ran Abe, Honest Health Nutrition, Long beach, CA

Take your calls anywhere, anytime

Manage all your patient communication from one app.

HIPAA compliant phone service

Take your calls anywhere, anytime

Manage all your patient communication from one app.

You can bring your number to RingRx

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