Improve Patient Care With Advanced Healthcare Communications

High-quality, cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant telephone, text, and fax communications

Improve Patient Care With Advanced Healthcare Communications

High-quality, cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant telephone, text, and fax communications

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HIPAA-Compliant Phone System Designed for Modern Healthcare Providers

The last thing your patients need is confusing or inconsistent communications with their trusted healthcare provider. RingRx supports thousands of healthcare professionals that rely on our dependable all-in-one voice, text, and fax communications solution.

Our enterprise-quality HIPAA-compliant communications system features the latest office and mobile technologies to streamline your patient communications. RingRx is easy to set up, either on your own or with help from our support team. Daily management is simple and intuitive, thanks to our desktop portal. And additional features help you customize a system for your unique business needs.

RingRx makes it cost-effective and easy to communicate with patients and your team – from your desk phone, app, or the web.

Advanced Phone System Built for Healthcare

Whether in your office or on the go, RingRx makes connecting with patients easy. We’ll help you streamline patient communication using your mobile phone or an enterprise-quality desk phone. And our flexible call routing and easy voicemail access mean your patients can always get in touch.

Faxing Made Easy and Reliable

As you know, hospitals, labs, and healthcare partners rely on faxing to send and receive critical documents. RingRx’s HIPAA-compliant fax system lets you conveniently and securely send faxes over the web or using your fax machine. We also keep track of your faxes to minimize filing (and misplaced documents).

Secure Texting Speeds Up Communications

With RingRx, you’ll never miss another text from patients or your team. RingRx makes it easy to send secure text messages and speeds up crucial communications. Texting helps you stay connected with patients on their terms and improves practice workflow, so patients receive better care faster.

Customize Your Communications System

RingRx helps hospitals, private and group practices build communications systems that fit their unique needs. We’ll help you build a dependable, modern communications platform that optimizes your workflow. Choose from customized welcome menus, call routing, hold music, personalized on-call profiles, user-access levels, and more.

Easy, Secure Video Calling (Beta)

Video consultations are becoming an indispensable part of every practice’s communications toolkit. With RingRx Video, you get one-click video calls with no downloads required. It’s a user-friendly platform designed to make video calls easier for patients and practitioners alike. All while adhering to the highest privacy and security standards.

Customized Solutions for a Patient-First Practice

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RingRx helps thousands of healthcare providers improve patient care with cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant telephone, text, and fax communications.

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