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Plan Comparison

Lite $15
Grow $19
Clinic $25
Core Business Voice Features  
Voicemail, ring groups, virtual receptionist, transferring, hold...
Business Phone Number  
Bring your number or get a new 10-digit number with your area code/region for free with any plan.
One voice number per User
Unlimited calling  
Send and receive unlimited calls, texts, and faxes to and from any North American number to save money.
HIPAA Compliant  
Strict security standards ensure patient privacy, security, and HIPAA compliance.
HIPAA Secure Voicemail box  
Each user gets a secure voicemail box, and the Clinic Plan includes two per user for shared message retrieval and easy patient communication.
Voicemail Transcription  
Voice messages are transcribed for convenient and highly accurate message retrieval.
Team and Patient Texting  
Speed up communication and engagement with secure SMS text messages to patients and your team.
Faxing Service  
Send unlimited faxes via web portal, mobile app, or fax machine (Clinic and Grow Plans); Lite Plan supports web/mobile faxing.
Web and Machine
Free Fax Number  
Each user on Clinic/Grow Plans gets a fax number. Lines can be shared for efficiency or kept separate.
RingRx OnCall  
Route urgent calls to the right provider on the right device while saving the cost and errors of traditional answering services.
High Quality Desk Phones  
Free high-quality desk phones (Clinic Plan) provide crystal-clear high-definition audio; buy or lease with Lite/Grow Plans.
Lease or buy
Lease or buy
Free Phone!!!
Conference Rooms  
Easily set up and manage multi-party conference calls with web control and notifications.
Virtual Receptionist  
Automatically route calls to the right extension with customizable menus for efficiency and enhanced patient care.
Business Associate Agreement  
Agreement between a healthcare provider and service provider outlining responsibilities and information protection.
Advanced call routing  
Personalize callers' experience and route calls fast with ring groups, virtual receptionists, call presence, transferring and more.
Unlimited Ring Groups  
Maximize productivity and minimize wait times with unlimited ring groups and simultaneous ringing.
Privacy Defender (Anti-Spam)  
Block unwanted calls from telemarketers and spam calling companies using industry-leading privacy protection.
Music on Hold  
All plans feature music-on-hold with several defaults; Clinic Plan lets you add your own music to differentiate your practice.
Integration API access  
Build custom apps or integrate EMRs, CRMs, fax servers, and billing systems with our features using our API.
Add Ons
Add Ons
Add Ons
Call Recording  
Automatic call recording helps maintain call quality and accountability for just $5/month per user.
RingRx Outreach  
Stay connected with patients and enhance their experience with automated appointment reminders, forms, newsletters, and more via voice, email, or text.
Call Center, per Queue  
Manage call centers efficiently with call queues and scenarios that prioritize and manage incoming calls.