Manage all your patient communication in one simple solution

Cut costs, improve patient experience and make your office more efficient. RingRx HIPAA compliant phone was built for today’s medical practice.

Designed with healthcare professionals in mind


Our user-friendly platform is simple for your staff to learn, which gives you more time to focus on taking care of your patients.


Return patient calls faster and improve your practice’s productivity with a well-designed communications system.


RingRx HIPAA compliant phone was built by healthcare technology industry leaders. We’re here to listen to your needs and customize a solution for your office.


Tired of using multiple services? RingRx handles all your communications needs in one platform.

Enjoy a robust HIPAA compliant phone system

Make your practice more efficient and keep your staff happy. RingRx is full of business-class features to help support your busy office.

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Save time with texting

Let patients text your business phone or communicate with staff members to coordinate appointments. Plus, it’s easier to share the workload among staff with group texting.

Faxing by web or machine

Get the best of both worlds: convenient web-based faxing and your traditional fax machine. Cut costs by canceling dedicated fax landlines.

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After Hours On-Call

Route urgent calls to the right provider on the right device by using RingRx’s On-Call system. Improve patient care by avoiding human errors and delays in response time.

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Customize your patient experience

We build the communications solution you need to make sure you stand out from the competition and deliver an outstanding patient experience.

Possibilities are endless

Need a special feature or function?  RingRx’s API may be your solution. We make all of our features available to our customers to help them build any special custom features, applications, or processes your office requires.

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Patient confidentiality is our top priority

Communicate with patients and staff, knowing that the information exchanged is safe and secure. Learn More →

Are you ready to take your patient communication to a whole new level?