Security and HIPAA compliance has never been easier

RingRx was created with strict security standards at every level of our system. Patient data is never at risk.

You’ll receive a Business Associate Agreement at the start of service

A BAA is the gold standard of compliance between healthcare providers and the services they use to run their companies.  

Modern encryption keeps your data safe across all devices

RingRx encrypts data to prevent unauthorized breaches, wherever data is stored. 

Cloud-based servers

All phone system data is stored in highly secured and protected cloud-based servers giving you the best combination of convenience and security.

We understand HIPAA

Strong security starts with a knowledgeable team that follows established security guidelines. All of our staff is certified and receives continuing education and training.

Easy-to-view auditing logs

Check to see when team members have accessed and logged into the RingRx portal. These logs also keep track of who has played patient messages, voice messages and more.

Learn how to securely text your patients

Become fluent on appropriate content. Guide your patients and staff on HIPAA compliance.


Guide to HIPAA Compliance

Are you ready to take your patient communication to a whole new level?