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Why partner with RingRx?

RingRx is the first enterprise-class communications platform that was built from the ground up for healthcare providers. We have developed a platform around the needs of modern healthcare providers so their needs are met easier and they get more out of our service.

Our Team

Our team is totally dedicated to healthcare. We have solutions for common painpoints that other service providers will miss. If you are looking for a way to compete in this lucrative business segment, RingRx is the perfect way to gain an advantage. We will provide you with outstanding support during the sales and onboarding process and continue to do so for as long as your customers remain on service.


RingRx is a solid service provider with an outstanding track record for delivering the highest quality communications solution with the least amount of downtime.


RingRx built its platform around the security demands of healthcare, including HIPAA compliance, as well as patient information security. Each layer of our platform is secured with the highest available standards.

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