Free Phone

Bring your existing business phone number to RingRx without service interruptions.

Have an Existing Phone Number?

If you have well-established phone numbers that your patients and colleagues use regularly, you can bring those numbers to RingRx without interrupting service at no additional cost. This means you’ll avoid communication disruptions and eliminate the hassle of updating contact information.

Improve Patient Experience

Patients don’t need to learn new numbers when you take advantage of RingRx’s free phone number portability feature. With RingRx, we’ll manage the process so you can keep your current phone number and stay connected with your patients.

All The Features You Need

RingRx’s seamless phone number portability lets you keep your number and stay connected with patients.

Easy ‘Porting’

Transferring phone numbers – also known as porting – is the process of moving a phone number from one service provider to another.

Porting for Free

RingRx’s support team seamlessly manages the free porting process within 1-3 weeks, and ensures no service disruption.

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