Easy, Browser-Based Video Calling

RingRx Video lets you conduct secure healthcare consultations effortlessly.

Video is a crucial tool in modern healthcare, enhancing the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of patient care. RingRx provides a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly platform tailored for healthcare providers. Note that RingRx Video is currently in beta.

Improve Patient Experience

Patients can easily join video calls through a web browser without downloading or installing any application, reducing frustration and technical barriers.

Grow Revenue

By facilitating remote appointments and telemedicine, RingRx Video can help you reach more patients, including those in remote or underserved areas.

Streamline Care with Easy-to-Use Video Communication

RingRx enhances patient care with its user-friendly video communication platform, providing easy and direct video consultations without the need for complex setups or downloads. 

Expand Your Practice’s Reach with RingRx Video

RingRx Video helps you extend your services through telemedicine, reaching more patients and providing care to those who cannot meet face-to-face or prefer the convenience of video.