Faxing Made Easy and Reliable

RingRx lets you fax your way with HIPAA-compliant faxing over the web or by fax machine.

Hospitals, labs, and healthcare partners rely on faxing to send and receive records, prescription refills, and inter-office communications. RingRx offers convenient and secure HIPAA-compliant web-based and machine-based faxing. We also keep track of your faxes to minimize filing (and misplaced documents).

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Give your patients peace of mind by reducing the likelihood of medical records breaches.

Increase Office Efficiency

Fax your way with web-based and machine faxing features designed to improve your workflow.

Reduce Your Costs

Save money with convenient and easy web faxing (and never run out of paper or toner!)

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

With RIngRx’s HIPAA compliant fax system you can safely and securely send documents to hospitals, labs and healthcare partners. Fax from the web, a machine, or both.

Increase Office Efficiency

RingRx helps you improve record-keeping and compliance with convenient and efficient web-based faxing while maintaining support for regular fax machines.

Reduce Your Costs

Say goodbye to toner, paper, and fax spam with web-based faxing. No need for software downloads, hardware installations, or pricey second phone lines

All the Features You Need

RingRx’s faxing lets you fax your way with HIPAA-compliant faxing over the web or by fax machine.

HIPAA Compliance

Secure cloud-based platform built with strict security standards for modern healthcare practices.

Business Associate Agreement

Agreement spelling out vendor provider responsibilities, the information covered, and its protection.

Fax History

Keep track of all your faxes in our online portal to minimize filing errors and misplaced documents.


Send and receive documents using your existing fax machine.

Dedicated Fax Number

Receive faxes without interruption, then view or download them from our online portal.

Unique Fax Number for Each User

Maintain confidentiality and ensure faxes get to the right person or department.

Web-Based Faxing

Lets you fax documents to anyone using our convenient web portal or mobile app.


Send and receive unlimited faxes to and from any North American number.

Automated Inbound Faxing

Integrate RingRx with internal fax servers to speed up categorizing files in the correct patient file.

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