Faxing for the modern healthcare office

Web-based HIPAA compliant faxing or with a machine: Now, you can do both!

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HIPAA compliant web-based faxing lets you get work done

Send or receive HIPAA compliant faxes from anywhere. RingRx keeps track of all your faxes to minimize filing and misplaced documents.

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Love your fax machine?

Web-based HIPAA faxing is convenient, but some of your colleagues might prefer their regular fax machine. With RingRx, you can provide both options and stay compliant.

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Efficient faxing improves office workflow

RingRx contact directory helps make faxing to your regular recipients faster and more reliable. Automatic cover sheets allow you to easily add content and instructions.

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Save time and improve care by automating inbound faxing

Integrate RingRx with your internal fax servers to speed up the process of categorizing files in the correct patient file.

hipaa compliant fax service

HIPAA compliant fax across all your devices

RingRx builds expertly crafted information systems that keep your communication safe and confidential. Learn More →

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