Enhance Patient Experience with Advanced Call Routing

Easily direct calls and streamline your medical practice’s communication flow with RingRx’s flexible call routing options.

Efficiently manage your medical practice’s incoming calls, reduce hold times, and improve patient satisfaction with RingRx’s advanced call routing capabilities.

Improve Patient Experience

Call routing ensures that patients can effortlessly reach the right provider for their needs, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction.

Increase Office Efficiency

Call routing optimizes based on team responsibilities and hours of operation, reducing manual call transfers and letting staff focus on other tasks.

All the Features You Need, Including…

RingRx’s call routing seamlessly directs calls route calls to the right people

Auto Attendant

Automatically route calls through your organization based on operating hours or team responsibilities.

Ring Groups

Group extensions by department so they ring simultaneously, and teams will never miss a call.

Parking Lot

Any extension can see and pick up calls on hold during call volume times or in shared responsibility offices.

RingRx Call Queues

Manage calls across a call center and create powerful call management scenarios or enable workflows.


Send calls to an extension without announcing it or put the call on hold and announce the call before transferring.

Call Pickup

Lets you pick up a call for a specific extension, even if that extension is not part of your pickup group.

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