Connect From Anywhere With Secure Texting

Maximize efficiency and convenience by engaging patients with text messaging.

Better Patient Care, Faster

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, texting helps you stay connected with patients and co-workers using their preferred communication channel. RingRx’s texting feature makes it easy to send fast and secure text messages to speed up crucial communications.

Improve Patient Experience

Talk with your patients using the most popular form of communication.

Optimize Front-Office Workflows

Speed up crucial communications with patients and office staff.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Securely text colleagues directly, even if your message includes PHI.

Engage Patients on their Terms

With RingRx text messaging, your patients can reach you when they want using their preferred method of communication. You have the flexibility to respond using your mobile app or the portal, which means they’re getting better care, faster.

Don’t worry, inbound and outbound messages are unlimited so you can text patients and staff freely.

Optimize Front-Office Workflows

RingRx helps your team stay productive by providing the flexibility to text from any device so your front office flows seamlessly fast, regardless of location.

Log inbound and outbound messages so nothing gets missed, and set up auto-responders to inform patients of future actions without the extra work.

Ensure HIPAA-Compliance

Securely send text messages with RingRx’s HPAA-compliant texting feature. Use the mobile app or portal to send and receive encrypted texts to co-workers, and create confidential group texts to minimize errors and improve the patient experience, especially when care spans multiple teams.

Your Guide to HIPAA-Compliant Texting

Download this guide to learn how you can protect patient privacy and your organization while utilizing texting features.

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All The Features You Need

RingRx’s business-class phone system helps you create a patient-first communications system that meets the unique needs of your practice.

Patient Texting

Stay connected with patients using their preferred communications channel.

Unlimited Texting

Speed up crucial communications by sending secure text messages to patients and your team.

Mobile App/Portal

Send and receive messages from your Mobile App or our convenient RingRx Portal.

Text Message Logging

Log copies of inbound and outbound messages to a mailbox for archiving or compliance purposes.

Unique Numbers for Each User

Maintain confidentiality and ensure texts get to the right person or department.

SMS Auto Responder

Set up automatic text responses to let patients or team members know when to expect an action.

HIPAA Compliance

Secure, cloud-based platform built with strict security standards that meet HIPAA regulations.

Group Texting

Send confidential group texts between colleagues to reduce errors and improve patient handovers.

Secure Team Texting

Send and receive encrypted texts with co-workers using the Mobile App or RingRx Portal.

Already Have a Business Phone Number?

Keep your existing number without interrupting service. That’s the power of RingRx.

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