Build a Communications System to Suit Your Office

Customize RingRx for your patients – and each staff member. RingRx will help your team get the service configured the way you want. Part of starting service with RingRx is to help you understand the robust features available to you, how we can help set them up to meet your needs, and train you on how to best use them. We think you will be amazed at what we can help you do.*

*User and Plan limits may apply

RingRx helps hospitals, private, and group practices build communications systems that fit their unique needs. We’ll help you create a dependable, modern communications platform to optimize your workflow. You can choose from customized welcome menus, call routing, hold music, personalized on-call profiles, user-access levels, and more.

Customize How Patients Interact With Your Practice

Differentiate from your competition and improve your patient experience – from the custom on-hold music that greets them to the messages they receive from you on their preferred devices.

Optimize Your Practice’s Workflow

Our expert team will help you create an office-wide system that builds on your existing framework and configure the perfect communications set-up for each team member.

One-on-One Setup

Worried about the process? RingRx’s team will help walk your office through setup with one-on-one live US-based support.  With online guides and quick support response, your office will be up and running with minimal friction and no downtime.  We know the process can cause anxiety – but that is what we are here for.  To make it easier on you without confusion about the next step.

Keep Your Number

If you already have an established business, your number is your lifeline. Moving your communications service to RingRx means also bringing your phone number over. This is called “porting,” and RingRx helps guide you on how and went to start the process and handles all the details for you.

Get your BAA

As soon as you have an active account at RingRx, you can get a Business Associate Agreement anytime.  The process is simple and keeps you in compliance with HIPAA, ensuring your patient information is always secure with minimal effort.

Build the Communications System Your Team and Patients Always Wanted

RingRx’s business-class phone system lets you create a patient-first communications system that meets your unique needs.

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Virtual Receptionist

Automatically route calls through your organization based on operating hours or team responsibilities.

Call Routing

Screen, route urgent calls to the on-call provider, and send non-urgent calls to voicemail boxes or other destinations.

On-Call Profiles

On-call providers use the RingRx Portal to select how and when they want to be reached in real-time.

All Device Customization

RingRx will build a communications system that fits your needs and optimizes your workflow.

Customize Your Music

Add your own music to reinforce your brand and differentiate your practice.

Assisted Set-Up

Our experts help with the complete customization of your phone system.

Integrate with Existing Solutions

RingRx connects with analog hospital room phones, overhead paging systems, and nurse call bell systems.

Marketing Messages

Automatically schedule and send patients newsletters, practice updates, or service offers via phone, SMS, or email.

RingRx OnCall System

Save money and reduce errors by routing urgent calls to the right provider on the right device.

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