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3 Key Tips for Customizing Your RingRx System

Having a product tailored to meet your specific preferences can be very beneficial. It allows you to configure it to fit your needs and function in a way that best meets your lifestyle. This is true for various technologies — even more, simple things like clothing. The process of customization and personalization isn’t always so […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Communications System

Letting go of a “well-used” product can be stressful. Most people — including me — aren’t always excited about a change because it often means learning something new and a big learning curve. If you’ve ever had to purchase a new smartphone or computer, you know what I mean.  Many healthcare providers, especially small-to-medium-sized practices, […]

How Ring RX’s HIPAA-Compliant VoIP System Saves You Money

Medical staff reviewing budget

Welcome back from your holiday break and to the new year’s challenges! Whatever your resolutions, your office to-do list for 2023 is probably topped by improving office efficiency and increasing patient satisfaction. You also want to cut costs. It can seem like a tall order, but there is one solution that can help achieve all […]

CAHF: An Introspective Look Into Skilled Nursing Facilities

With its stylish hotels, golf courses, hot springs and mid-century-modern houses, Palm Springs is a great place to visit. It doesn’t hurt that the high temperatures in this southern California city rarely dip below 70°.  What brought me to this city in the Sonoran Desert this time, though, was the California Association of Health Facilities […]