Save With Unlimited Calls, Texts, and Faxes

No more surprises on your phone bill, as you’ll see the same costs every month.

RingRx lets you make unlimited calls and send unlimited faxes and texts without incurring fees. This feature helps streamline communication, saves you money, and improves productivity while enhancing your patients’ experience.

Increase Office Efficiency

Unlimited calls, faxes, and texts facilitate efficient and uninterrupted communication with patients, suppliers, and throughout the office, allowing your team to stay connected and productive without the worry of exceeding usage limits or incurring extra charges.

All the Features You Need, Including…

With RingRx’s unlimited calls, faxes, and texts, removes usage charges and improves productivity.


Say goodbye to usage charges, save money and eliminate the hassle of tracking usage and managing costs associated with traditional telecommunications services.

Streamlined Workflows

Improve your office workflow and focus on growing your core business, not the cost of internal and external communications.

Improved Patient Experience

Strengthen relationships with patients by communicating on their preferred channels as needed without incurring additional costs.

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