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How to Create a Communication System That Works for You — And Your Practice

Healthcare is the fastest-growing industry in the United States, employing over 18 million workers, including 938,966 active physicians and 45,000 psychiatrists, 81,000 psychologists, and 198,811 therapists in the mental health field.  Almost two million patients visit hospitals and clinics daily, expecting high-quality care and efficient and reliable communication. Strong provider-patient communication is essential for creating […]

The Hassle-Free Solution to HIPAA Voicemail Communication

HIPAA Voicemail Communication

Voicemail is just voicemail, right? Except it’s not. If you ask 10 people what they expect from voicemail, you’ll get 5 different answers, and 2 of the answers will undoubtedly be “send a text instead.” Voicemail has come to be seen by many as a ubiquitous communication tool with virtually no avenues for collaboration. Compared […]

HIPAA Compliant Phone for Therapists: Make Every Call Count

Behavioral Therapists: Make Every Call Count

As a behavioral therapist your phone is the lifeline of your company. Our HIPAA compliant phone system for therapists is designed to help you keep in touch with patients, while giving you the freedom to leave your office and not worry about missing important calls from patients.

5 Ways Cloud Communication Technology Can Help Your Practice Thrive

5 Ways Cloud Communication Technology Can Help Your Practice Thrive

Regardless of your personal opinion or being in the healthcare industry, the rapid advance of technology is not going to slow down anytime soon. Healthcare practices that fail to adapt are going to find themselves left behind in the dust, while the more savvy, early tech adopters will reap the rewards. The good news is […]