Advanced Phone System Built for Healthcare

With RingRx, you create a patient-first phone system that meets your unique needs.

Whether in your office or on the go, RingRx makes connecting with patients easy. Our feature-rich enterprise-class phone system provides advanced call management capabilities, including custom configurations, easy voicemail access, and seamless mobile and desk phone integration for improved communication.

Improve Patient Experience

Take advantage of a full suite of services to improve communications between you and your patients.

Increase Office Efficiency

Easy-to-use technology helps healthcare providers reduce overhead costs and improve office efficiency.

Customize Your Communications

Highly customizable features let you create a communications system just right for your team.

Improve Patient

Today’s patients expect phenomenal service, just like at a restaurant or shopping online. By leveraging RingRx’s advanced communication features, you can give patients the experience they’re looking for.

Increase Office

Clinical office work often involves repetitive and time-consuming tasks, reducing productivity, affecting the bottom line, and frustrating patients, staff, and physicians. RingRx technology can help turn this around.

Customize Your

No two offices – nor healthcare providers – are the same. RingRx has a range of sophisticated, customizable features designed to improve your workflow and keep your patients connected.

All the Features You Need

RingRx’s business class phone system lets you create a patient-first communications system that meets your unique needs.

Virtual Receptionist

Automatically route calls through your organization based on operating hours or team responsibilities.


Group extensions by department so they ring simultaneously, and teams will never miss a call.

High-Quality Deskphones

RingRx’s deskphones provide crystal clear high-definition audio, minimize disruptions, and give the best workflow options.


Makes it easy for patients and other providers to reach the right people when needed.


Any extension can see and pick up calls on hold during call volume times or in shared responsibility offices.


Make or take phone calls and texts from anywhere as though you were in the office.


Streamline communication with easy-to-setup and manage multi-party audio conference calls.

All Device Customization

RingRx will build a communications system that fits your needs and optimizes your workflow.

Assisted Set-Up

Our experts help with the complete customization of your phone system.

Enhance Patient Experience with Advanced Call Routing

Easily direct calls and streamline your medical practice’s communication flow with RingRx’s flexible call routing options.

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