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15 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Patients’ Trust

Doctor and patient communicating

Building Patient Trust: Practical Tips for Busy Medical Practitioners There are only 24 hours in a day; that won’t change. For busy professionals, especially physicians running a small practice, finding time to address the worsening issue of patient trust can seem nearly impossible. So, where do you start? With the rise of healthcare consumerism, there’s […]

Call Recording: An Important Part of Your RingRx Communication Toolbox

Female doctor listening to recorded call

Memory can be a fleeting thing. Sometimes, we can remember trivial details, but we forget important information. According to psychologists, humans’ short-term memory can only hold a limited number of items, which makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to juggle the large amount of information they need to remember while also managing administrative duties. Fortunately, […]

Key tools and resources to help health information professionals stay current and efficient

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. For those on the frontlines, like health information professionals (HIPs), staying up-to-date with the latest tools and technology is crucial for providing the highest quality care.  With the ever-increasing amount of patient data and the importance of maintaining privacy and security, HIPs play a critical role in ensuring the […]

Celebrating National Doctors’ Day

On March 30, 1933, the first observance of Doctors’ Day was held, and since then, physicians across the United States have been honored on this day for their dedication and care for their patients.  As we approach National Doctors’ Day, we want to share some interesting facts about doctors and what they mean to the […]