Some family medicine physicians follow the AIDET® Fundamentals of Patient Communication: acknowledge, introduce, duration, explanation and thank you. Others use the RESPECT Model, which focuses on rapport, empathy, support, partnership, explanations, cultural competence and trust. Doctors who do not communicate effectively with their patients probably don’t utilize any proven method. 

Studies suggest listening, explaining, and empathy are the three most crucial factors in enhancing patient satisfaction and outcomes. Conversely, other research indicates that poor communication significantly impacts patients’ physical and mental health, leading to a diminished sense of well-being.

Communication inefficiencies in family medicine practices can also occur when poor call quality and cumbersome call handling lead to patient and staff frustrations. Sometimes, it is a lack of integration of a practice’s phone system with the other technology tools it has implemented. 

A cost-effective way to boost the efficiency of any family practice’s communication is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) HIPAA-compliant phone system. It uses the same broadband you rely on for your WiFi access, bypassing the phone company and creating the ability to access many more benefits and features.  

With VoIP, you can use desk phones, existing mobile phones, web phones or even all three because the system relies on the cloud rather than on-site hardware that must be regularly maintained and upgraded. This technology offers advanced integration with your EHR and billing software, providing invaluable time savings for you and your staff.  

Additional advantages of VoIP phone systems for healthcare call management include:

  • Boosted business continuity and streamlined efficiency
  • On-demand access to services on a pay-as-you-go model
  • Increased scalability and reliability
  • Elimination of hardware expenditures and associated maintenance
  • Capability for cross-site integration and collaboration
  • Improved integration with other healthcare systems (i.e., EHRs, billing and practice management systems, fax servers)
  • More modern features and capabilities, including e-faxing, after-hours call routing and spam-protection technology 

Making Your Family Practice Communication More Efficient

As we mentioned in a recent blog, effective communication is crucial in a well-run family practice. HIPAA-compliant phone systems that address their unique operational needs result in efficient call management, secure communication and enhanced patient engagement. 

The RingRx feature-rich, enterprise-class phone system was built for healthcare and provides family practices and other medical groups with advanced call management capabilities. Examples include custom configurations, easy voicemail access and seamless mobile and desk phone integration for improved communication. 

Your family practice can experience unmatched clarity and efficiency with RingRx’s tailored healthcare communication solutions, including: 

Experience Crystal Clear Calls with HD Voice

Could your practice benefit from exceptional sound quality, improved speech recognition and greater connectivity? If so, then RingRx’s HD Voice is the answer. Through high-level speech recognition and advanced HD Voice technology that filters out background noise, this feature reduces communication misunderstandings, thereby improving call satisfaction for both family practices and their patients. Its polyacoustic clarity technology enables two-way conversations without interruption. 

Call Routing Improves Your Patient Experience

Efficient call management reduces wait times, a win-win for patients and providers. RingRx’s advanced call routing capabilities optimize your family practice’s communication flow by ensuring that patients can effortlessly reach the right provider for their needs. This feature also routes calls based on staff responsibilities or office hours so other members of your practice team can focus on other high-touch tasks. Included in RingRx call routing are Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Parking Lot, Call Pickup and more. 

Integrating VoIP with Healthcare Systems

Interoperability isn’t always easily achievable in healthcare, but RingRx’s API seamlessly integrates with existing technology stacks, allowing you to optimize your workflow with its extensive features. Need fax server integration and custom analytics? Done. Custom call center functions and extended EMR functionality? All are accessible when you build your communications stack with our API.

In addition to these features, RingRx customers have access to our recently redesigned portal, which includes a new dashboard, easy access to support channels, and improved system setting management. Upgrade to RingRx and transform your practice’s communication system. Contact us today for a free demo!