Communications That Improve Your Enterprise’s Operations Without Disruption

RingRx helps hospitals and large clinics improve communications while cutting costs, reducing errors, and prioritizing care.

RingRx is designed to meet the needs of modern healthcare companies. We’ll help you build a custom setup that saves money while improving patient outcomes and streamlining your organization.

Reduce Your Costs

Your operating costs go up annually, but budgets seldom keep pace. RingRx is here to help.

Increase Office Efficiency

RingRx is easy to implement, learn and manage, so you’ll improve your operation faster.

Increase Patient Trust

RingRx’s advanced communications and security features lead to better patient outcomes.

Reduce Your Costs

Migrating to a secure, cloud-based communications system will save money on team and patient communications, IT infrastructure management and support costs.

Increase Office Efficiency

As a healthcare-first platform, RingRx was designed to minimize communication friction and improve modern healthcare operations. Key features include:

Increase Patient Trust

RingRx is a fully-featured communication system that gives patients greater confidence based on industry-leading privacy and security features.

All the Features Your Hospital Needs, Including…

RingRx’s business-class phone system lets you create a patient-first communications system that meets your unique needs.

Flexible Deployment

Install RingRx on your servers, use our cloud offering, or manage a hybrid solution to suit your IT infrastructure priorities.

Unlimited Calls, Faxes, and Texts

Save money by sending and receiving unlimited calls, texts, and faxes to and from any North American number.

No Fees and Taxes

Improve your bottom line as RingRx doesn’t charge fees or taxes for its business class communications offering.


Save money and reduce errors by routing urgent calls to the right provider on the right device.


RingRx will build a communications system that fits your needs and optimizes your workflow.


Group extensions by department so they ring simultaneously, and teams will never miss a call.

Inbound Call Queues

Put inbound calls on hold or in a queue when all contact center agents are busy.


Secure cloud-based platform built with strict security standards for modern healthcare organizations.

Business Associate Agreement

Agreement spelling out vendor/provider responsibilities, the information covered, and its protection.

Secure Team and Patient Texting

Speed up crucial communications by sending secure text messages to patients and your team. 

System Access Audit Logs

Each voicemail message contains an audit trail of who listened to it, deleted it, and when.


If a disaster forces employees to work remotely, RingRx’s fully-featured mobile app keeps you running.


Modify your settings, add users or services, send and view faxes, use a softphone, and more, anytime, day or night.

Cloud-Based Servers

Store all phone system data in highly secured and protected cloud-based servers, ensuring you can access it when needed.

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