What is the Campaign Registry?

Learn More About This Change With The Cell Phone Carriers

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A major change is being implemented by cell phone carriers on how they handle text messages originating from businesses. RingRx does not support this new program and feels it is an inappropriate burden on our customers. Regardless, your ability to communicate with your customers will be impacted if you do not follow through with their requirements. 

This new program requires all businesses who conduct texting to register their number and pay a monthly fee. RingRx will collect this fee and pay it to them on your behalf. You will see the fee on your monthly statement. RingRx is collecting only the amount that has to be paid to the cell phone carriers for this program.

A thorough explanation of the program and why its happening can be found here.

Certain mobile carriers are changing how they regulate the number and type of local text messages they permit for business senders.  They are also imposing new registration requirements and are requiring business senders to pay additional fees. In other words, if Users of RingRx business texting service want to send text messages to anybody using one of these mobile carriers (AT&T, TMobile, US Cellular, Verizon) they must register their number and pay a fee.  The fees are outlined below.

Any customer who plans to send text messages to anyone on a cell phone, the RingRx customer will need to register.  If you plan to only use RingRx texting between Users of RingRx, then you do not need to register.

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