We aren’t saying it will change your life, but it just may. RingRx’s On-Call Scheduling Solution is part of a total health package for you and your patients. First, your patients get the on-call doctor the first time to get the help they need. Second, when you’re not on call, you don’t receive calls, not even on accident.

It empowers doctors to get needed rest, relaxation, and optimal focused-family time. Patients get a high level of care, and you get time to recharge your batteries. Everyone wins!

Easy to Use

The system routes inbound, after hours and holiday calls to the doctor on-call. With the RingRx On-call scheduling system, doctors can personalize their profiles to handle calls the exact way they want them to be handled. The after-hours system uses a simple calendar (it even looks just like the paper one you’re accustomed to) and makes it easy to change and swap shifts. It’s also fully automated to meet the demands of your busy practice. The RingRx error-free on-call scheduling solution makes accommodating even the largest offices possible because of its customizable on-call group capability. The best part? Managing the system takes just a few minutes each month and is done in a user-intuitive interface.

Manage Your Schedule and Work-Life Balance

Burn-out rates and physician dissatisfaction are at an all-time high. Medscape’s National Physician Burnout and Depression Report shows that 42 percent of physicians are feeling burnt-out and 15 percent are experiencing some sort of depression. What’s burning them out? Of the 15,000 respondents surveyed, the highest majority said it was their career and for one-third of that number, patient care often suffers as a result.

With RingRx, you know when you’re on-call (the system will even send you a reminder when you have an upcoming on-call shift) and when you can detach from the practice and recharge. You don’t have to worry about getting a call accidentally and, because you care for patients, end up going in on your day off. You can also have peace of mind knowing your patients are being taken care of and the practice is thriving while you’re away.

A Win for Everyone

It’s hard to believe, but many on-call systems today are still on paper and terribly ineffective, relying on error-prone human services. Maybe an office tried a solution, but it went haywire and patients were upset so they went back to their old method. Possibly the thought of change was too daunting, or the technology was too intimidating.

That’s not the case with RingRx on-call scheduling. The interface is easy to use and completely customizable. The entire team can learn the system quickly and buy-in to the new technology because it just makes the practice run more efficiently and saves time. Your patients will also love the new system. They’ll get the information they need and won’t be ferried around when they’re in distress. This will only increase patient satisfaction.

There are tons of options out there for doctors looking to optimize their on-call system. Using a system that was created expressly for the healthcare professional is the smart choice. Doctors can rest well knowing the RingRx system is 100% HIPAA compliant. Plus, RingRx allows doctors to give their patients the best care at the right time while giving themselves the ability to enjoy a little more work-life balance. Start your free trial today or contact us for more information.