The company telephone is “growing up,” it was just a matter of time. If you want your phone to finish the transition from unruly adolescent to a well-mannered adult you need to switch to a HIPAA Compliant VoIP system. It’s only natural.

The older systems (legacy systems) were designed to perform very specific tasks, with nothing built in to promote growth, no way to integrate new technological advances. In short, no way to evolve.

Companies nationwide (not to mention worldwide) are embracing HIPAA compliant VoIP systems and making the switch. This is not a trend, it’s a fact. And it’s not specific to only one type of company. The change to a VoIP system is something that’s being done by all types of businesses. From small self-starters all the way up to the biggest corporations. From Health Care to Advertising. There are numerous advantages, not the least of which is cost-effectiveness.

If you were wondering when the right time to make the switch is, wait no longer. There has never been a better time, the pluses outweigh the negatives in every regard. So much so that there literally are no negatives.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using a VoIP system.

1. You can utilize emails, e-faxing, and even remote conferencing over the internet. This helps to promote increased mobility, the benefits of which can not be overstated.

2. It is easy to install and manage a VoIP system and requires little technical know-how. In retrospect, making adjustments to older phone systems required adding separate cabling as well as additional wiring (a fire hazard). Not so with VoIP technology. It is all combined into one single network, making it easier to integrate and use.

3. Employee phone numbers can follow them wherever they go. This is extremely convenient for those people whose jobs take them out of the office.

4. The traditional call system features you are familiar with are available in hosted VoIP systems, including call holding, call transfer, conference calling, find me / follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus.

5. Cost-effectiveness is one of the most obvious and important features of hosted VoIP phone systems. Legacy phone systems were expensive, very expensive. In addition, maintenance and repairs could be quite costly as well. But with VoIP systems, you save on the costs of installation and the calls themselves are considerably less expensive.

All of these points are reflected in the services provided by RingRx. Not only will your on-call and urgent calls be dealt with efficiently and professionally, but the services supported by VoIP systems will also save you money. In addition, the ability to comply with HIPAA regulations is built into our phone systems and supported by VoIP technology, a unique service indeed. This all comes with very personalized customer support. At RingRx we value our clients’ overall experience. The technology employed is extremely user-friendly, and our main goal is to make your life (the business side of it) easier.