How RingRx Uses New Technology to Advance On-Call Service

How RingRx Uses New Technology to Advance On-Call Service

Do you need a better way to manage your incoming calls? More importantly, does your practice suffer from problems with the way after hour acute calls are managed? Have you thought about a comprehensive, HIPAA compliant on-call service?

The standard fall back has always been a live answering service. And for many years (since the beginning of time?) that has been the only option.

RingRx was founded to help take the inconsistencies out of the traditional answering service with their unique on-call service. Designed to make getting your after-hours/urgent calls in a user-friendly, intuitive manner and to take away the problems that are inherent with any switchboard system. This is a matter of technology catching up with the need. And this is specifically why RingRx´s on-call service was created.

The unfortunate reality is that people make mistakes. Even the brightest among us are prone to error. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of information being incorrectly recorded, for whatever reason. It could be as simple as the switchboard operator misunderstanding the caller. Other times it’s not knowing whether or not someone should be paged and there is some question about where the call falls in regards to the paging procedure. The bottom line is that there is too much guesswork involved for a person and these discrepancies can take their toll. What inevitably ends up happening is that you end up adding more work hours onto your own day when you have to take calls that should have been held for the office.  If there were a seamless integration between the caller and the person on call then these issues would be diminished, even removed and erased altogether.

RingRx offers an answer to these issues and many others. For instance, think about the time and money that goes into having your calls routed by a traditional answering service. This is something that has been an inevitable consequence of the call center for years. There simply was no other option. But it isn’t exactly a “cheap” service. A system that can be integrated into your phone and takes the place of the all-too-human element is beyond helpful, not to mention cost-effective. It’s one of those easy decisions, like switching to a VoIP phone system. Not only is it a better service, it also saves you money.

Something unique to RingRx, and something of great value to medical professionals is our ability to encrypt patient information in a manner that avoids a HIPAA breach. RingRx makes use of encryption technology, which by its very nature ensures that your messages are stored within the strict guidelines demanded by HIPAA. So it goes without saying that making sure your messages are HIPAA compliant is of the utmost importance to your practice. It isn’t something that you should have to worry about, and RingRx makes sure that you won’t have to.

If you have a smartphone then you can have the convenience of RingRx´s on-call service on the go, anywhere. The App, that is downloadable for your phone, makes checking messages and responding to important time-sensitive calls a breeze. It offers all the services provided by a traditional call center with none of the headaches. For those who want the most out of their smartphones, this application is a bonus for the professional on the go.

The ability to check your messages at any time and to store them indefinitely is of course quite helpful. That way, at your own digression, you can prioritize your calls and decide how best you will respond. These features are exclusively available on the RingRx website. The time and energy spent sifting through improperly connected calls and having all of your messages stored safely and secure is an extremely satisfactory advantage to using RingRx.

The other end of the spectrum, the “meat, and potatoes” as it were, is the obvious upgrade in inpatient care. If it’s going to make your life as a physician easier it most certainly will make the patients experience a better one as well. Just imagine a patient having to call, be put on hold, explain what’s going on with themselves, and the waiting (hoping) that a doctor will soon speak with them, possibly. This process becomes streamlined with our service. There is no “middle man”. The automated on-call service will assist the caller in the most user-friendly manner, making the experience for all intents and purposes a good one (considering the nature of the call, this cannot be overstated).

And for those people working in the Healthcare field the advantage of using RingRx, in particular, is the most beneficial. Indeed, no other call service approaches HIPAA compliance the way we do. The service most certainly fits the need. In addition, RingRx comes with a free trial, so you can be sure it is the proper fit for your business. We also offer the most useful customer support available, we are available to answer any questions and help you in the application of our service. You only have so many hours in the day, you shouldn’t have to worry about your after-hours calls and your paging service as well. Let us do that for you….

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