The process of “being on-call” is a universal challenge for healthcare providers of all kinds. Reaching the correct health professional outside of office hours is often hard to manage and takes time to master. Unfortunately, patient satisfaction and seamless inter-office communication is not the only thing at stake with this issue; lives literally are as well. That’s why it’s critical to have a solution that positively impacts everyone in the healthcare cycle. Harnessing the power of technology, RingRx has integrated with AMiON to provide a best-in-class scheduling software service for healthcare.

This partnership was a direct result of invaluable feedback received from RingRx clients, hospitals and practices who communicated the desire to be able to manage all of their on-call scheduling through a single calendar. From there, CEO, Doug Parent, says, “Partnering with the leading healthcare scheduling software, AMiON, was an easy decision.” Let’s take a look at what each company provides individually and how these two great technologies work together to create an efficient, easy-to-use solution.


A leading provider of HIPAA compliant and on-call solutions, RingRx was developed exclusively for the healthcare industry. We offer a robust communication system including voice, fax, text and on-call services which improves mobility and simplifies workflow. Our on-call system uses a program to allow a group to schedule responsibilities to its staff. It also permits providers to customize their profile, so they are contacted on the correct device while on-call.


AMiON (“Am I On-Call?”) is a web-based, software service, which manages the on-call and daily work schedules for more than a quarter of a million medical providers. Administrators build fair on-call schedules using a customizable visual calendar, which includes integrated messaging through the AMiON App and other vendors, so staff can quickly reach on-call physicians. Its system lays out on-call schedules in a format that’s transparent and easy for on-call staff and hospitals to use. Added features such as templates, patterns, staffing rules, and an auto-scheduler make it effortless to communicate work shifts to support staff and allows employers to know who is on duty at each location.

How We Work Together

The RingRx and AMiON integration empowers RingRx customers to use their AMiON calendar to schedule their on-call schedules in the RingRx system. While RingRx’s calendar is powerful, it’s not intended for scheduling staffing needs. AMiON’s, however, offers more configuration options, which gives clients of both companies added value. By bringing these two worlds together, clients need only manage one calendar for all their work-related scheduling. Clients who utilize both solutions will now be able to connect RingRx to their AMiON account and automatically upload on-call shifts to be used for their RingRx shifts. Patients and office staff also win as one simple system ensures on-call inquiries reach the right person immediately.

“This integration represents a new way we are working to meet every need of our healthcare customers,” says Parent. “We will continue to listen to our customers’ feedback and look to integrate with software providers that share our goals.” At the end of the day, this bold integration creates a seamless system for a healthcare provider’s on-call system, ensuring that everyone from staff to hospital to physician has a clean schedule and the right contact information for call routing. This integration creates one single system that truly connects patients and providers, just as our clients requested. Contact RingRx today for more information on this integration or for a free trial.