How can your healthcare practice maintain faxing functionality while freeing yourself from the physical burden of resources that traditional faxing entails?

Faxing might seem like a stone-age technology to younger members of your workforce, but the truth of the matter is that faxing is still used in many organizations, especially healthcare. A solid majority of business is still conducted through fax such as sending medical records, prescription refills, and inner-office communication. So, how can your healthcare practice maintain faxing functionality while freeing yourself from the physical burden of resources that traditional faxing entails?

Go virtual. As a modern medical practice, you have almost certainly incorporated a great deal of new technology into your business. These systems were most likely implemented to give your patients a better experience, increase productivity, save you money, and a mixture of all three. Faxing is no different and there are considerable advantages to using a web based faxing service.

Here are 5 benefits your practice will enjoy when switching from traditional faxing to a web-based HIPAA compliant efax system like RingRx:

Save Money

With traditional faxing comes a myriad of other services that costs you extra money. On top of purchasing an actual fax machine you also need to keep up with gateway software, paying for constant power, phone lines, ink, paper, IT maintenance, and repairs. Eliminate all these costs with a solution like RingRx by sending/receiving faxes through your email our portal system.

Increase Security and Compliance

Documents will never sit out in the open and unattended on the fax machine. Files are encrypted during sending and receiving plus, the fax will only be accessible by whoever has access to the chosen email address or portal login. Our web fax solutions are 100% HIPAA complaint, making sure your patient information is safe and your practice is protected. We provide a signed BAA so you know your communications are always in full compliance.

Convenient and Easy

No more waiting by the fax machine for it to print or send. Incoming faxes are available to your inbox immediately and outgoing faxes can be uploaded electronically with any device. You can smile at the thought of never running out of ink, having to change toner, dealing with sending errors, or seeing annoying fax spam ever again.

Electronic Filing

If you still have a traditional fax machine, but have streamlined your practice to maintaining electronic medical records chances are you will still have to scan a fax so you can store it electronically along side other records. Then you have to shred the file or worse yet, physically store it for 7 years to meet some sort of tax guideline. Save time and increase your practice efficiency by always receiving faxes in electronic format so they can be stored quickly and inexpensively with a click of a mouse.

Go Green

Traditional faxes print out every single piece of paper, cover page, and spam page which leads to a lot of waste. According to Tronitech, the US wastes over 200 billion sheets of paper each year by companies using traditional faxing over web-fax. That is a lot of paper, a lot of waste, and a lot of lost money for your practice.

RingRx offers 100% HIPAA compliant web-based faxing as a modern solution to the dilemma of faxing in an increasingly electronic world. Fax anywhere, with any device from an intuitive portal allowing you to upload documents and send a fax. It is the easiest way to manage and send documents securely to all outlets of your practice. Never print another document again!

What are the steps you can take to switch your healthcare practice from traditional faxing to web-faxing? Just reach out! Give us a call at 888-980-6860 or click here to start your free 30 day trial of RingRx.