Your Medical Practice Anywhere with RingRx HIPAA Compliant App

HIPPA Compliant App

You’re a busy physician and you can’t afford to be tied to your desk. Your medical practice is on-the-go. You take your mission seriously, the promise to deliver optimal care to your patients, with minimal waste of time and resources. Consumers are also mobile and increasingly tied to their mobile devices, too. Statistically, more than 75 percent of healthcare workers use a mobile device for work. RingRx HIPAA compliant app can help you keep up with that trend. Our safe and efficient phone system can keep you in fluid and flexible contact with patients and staff. Our cloud-based communications system is designed specifically for physicians. It empowers teams, labs, partners and staff to deliver the best possible patient care, bringing greater patient satisfaction, all while keeping you mobile.

Optimize your practice’s communications with HD voice, fax, and team messaging. RingRx’s state-of-the-art system provides secure patient communication that allows you to arrange safe communication with patients. The data and correspondence of your organization are protected.

Let Us Unblock Your Calls

Our all-in-one phone system allows you to get to the sources you need to connect with. Calls from the RingRx app will show your office caller ID, not your private cell phone number, solving the problem of caller ID block. You’re able to call patients, consultants, hospitals and labs, without getting blocked or exposing your personal information. Your calls are important. Let us help you unblock them.

Visual Voicemail

With visual voicemail, you’re in command. You’re able to respond to messages from anywhere and at any time. You can access visual voicemail through your online portal account or through the RingRx HIPAA compliant app. You have the option of listening to voicemails or reading them as texts.

You choose whether to listen to, delete or to return calls with a single click. Visual voicemail gives you the ability to quickly scan your messages to find specific ones. Being able to avoid listening to unwanted or annoying messages saves time and frustration. You can also easily forward messages or quickly text or email them to yourself or to someone else. Simply put, our HIPAA compliant visual voicemail makes a doctor’s life so much easier.

You can simplify your workflow with RingRx. Our industry-grade web-based system is easy to use and a breeze to manage, so you’ll work smarter, not harder. And powerful features such as voicemail, call handling, and greetings can be modified without a visit from IT, so you can be more productive. Trust RingRx mobile to make your communications process much smoother and a lot less costly. RingRx mobile is perfect for your doctor’s office-on-the-go.

Ready to Transform Your Healthcare Practice’s Communication for Scalable Growth?

Discover how RingRx’s tailored VoIP solutions can help your practice to scale effortlessly, enhance patient satisfaction, and streamline operations. With features designed to support multi-location support, secure messaging, advanced call routing, and more, RingRx ensures your practice is equipped for growth without compromise. Schedule your personalized demo today and see how easy it is to adapt, grow, and excel with RingRx by your side.

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