Who wants to send a HIPAA compliant fax? Well, the answer largely depends on who you ask. Although it may be bulky and slow, some people find comfort and assurance in the sight of traditional fax machines. They do not yet trust the notion of sending their most private information into the cloud. Logging into an email or web fax is somewhat foreign to them.

Surprisingly, many doctors and health care professionals still rely on this method of transporting documents that can arguably be wasteful and woefully time-consuming, delivering information at a snail’s pace. If that is your preference, we can accommodate you. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to our customers’ preferences and needs.

The Case for Traditional Faxing

Why in the world would forward-thinking medical professionals stick to a mode of communication that seems antiquated, cumbersome, and just plain annoying? They have their reasons. The medical industry’s longtime predilection for traditional faxing may be related to HIPAA regulations that expressly name faxing as an acceptable means of safely transmitting medical records and other sensitive patient documents. Doctors still need fax machines in their offices in order to accommodate and communicate with colleagues and patients who have not yet progressed to online faxing. Some healthcare workers and patients simply love their fax machines. They have grown accustomed to them, trust them, and are unwilling to give them up.

But, the answer to the question of whether to use web-based faxing versus traditional faxing, is actually staring them in the face. The solution is RingRx. Whether you prefer traditional faxing or web-based faxing, there are many practical reasons for using RingRx’s faxing solutions in your medical practice. Let us examine just a few of them.

Web-Based Faxing is Environmentally Friendly

Web-based faxing reduces paper usage and allows for electronic copies of previous faxes, which eliminates the need to print multiple copies of documents for future use. Internet faxes are online and electronic. They can be saved and downloaded, creating permanent and secure records of your documents. Less paper usage allows your doctor’s office to become more environmentally friendly.

Easy and Convenient

RingRx HIPAA compliant fax makes your faxes easy and convenient to send. Conventional faxing is inconvenient, and often ineffective, requiring costly paper, ink toners, and of course, that bulky space-grabbing fax machine. Plus, in the heyday of traditional faxing, you would have to routinely replace paper and toner. Remember the messy toner? Web-based faxing requires no software downloads or hardware installations, and no pricey second phone lines are needed. It takes just a few minutes to set up the system. There is nothing to replace, no additional costs and no mess or fuss. What could be easier or more convenient than that?


Long gone are the days of sending out a fax and never obtaining a full record of deliveries and activity. With RingRx, web-based faxes are sent via the cloud-based system and saved in your online portal. Once a document or image is sent or received, the system automatically creates a file and records this in the portal for quick access. Once logged into your account, you can easily review sent and received statuses, time stamps, email notifications, and more.

Still attached to your traditional fax machine? No need to give up the benefits of the RingRx HIPAA compliant fax. Once your fax machine is connected with the RingRx fax system, your faxes and activity will automatically be recorded in your online portal, too. These are then saved in the system for as long as you want to use them, while still using your familiar fax machine!

Fast and Secure

With RingRx’s web fax service, you can send and receive documents quickly, securely, and with confidence, from anywhere in the world, and at any time. There are no more time-consuming paper jams, and no more frustrating trips to the fax machine to check for or wait on patient documents. Hospitals, labs and doctor’s offices can easily manage and share patient information within seconds. The lifeblood of your practice is the speed, efficiency, and security with which you conduct your business. RingRx allows fast and secure faxing of your HIPAA compliant patient files from any browser. RingRx helps doctors work faster not harder. With RingRx, you will never have to worry about patient information security again.

Your medical practice is modern and progressive. Your methods of communication with your patients and healthcare partners should be progressive, too. Save your practice time, money, and needless frustration. Start web-based faxing with RingRx today! Your only regret will be that you didn’t sign up sooner.

But don’t worry, if you’re still inclined toward the traditional way of faxing, we can easily accommodate you. We understand the importance of respecting our customers’ comfort level and meeting our clients where they are. That is why we will continue to offer traditional faxing capabilities. But if you decide that cloud-based faxing may be for you, we are here to ease you into web-based faxing. If you have questions about web-based faxing, just call us. We can effortlessly help you make the switch from slow and cumbersome traditional faxing to quick and painless Internet faxing at the click of a button. Start a free trial with RingRx today or call us at 888-980-6860 with any questions.