Conference Calls Made Easy

Simplify multi-party conference calls with RingRx’s Conference Room feature.

Audio Conferencing

RingRx’s Conference Room simplifies the setup and management of audio conference calls, making communication among healthcare providers and patients seamless and hassle-free. With RingRx, you can quickly set up and manage multi-party audio conference calls, customize conference parameters, and record conferences for sharing, record-keeping, or training purposes.

Increase Office Efficiency

Conference Room streamlines communication with easy-to-setup and manage multi-party conference calls, reducing the need for in-person meetings and saving time.

Customize Communications

Moderators can regulate attendance, conference start and end times, and set conference parameters such as maximum participants, duration, and public access.

All The Features You Need

RingRx’s Audio Conferencing makes virtual conference meetings simple and efficient.

Basic Conferencing

Accommodates up to ten people with a maximum room duration of two hours.


Includes pins for identification, email/SMS alerts, and having more than one moderator.


Music plays for attendees before a moderator joins to unlock the room.

Already Have a Business Phone Number?

Keep your existing number without interrupting service. That’s the power of RingRx.

In-Person and Virtual Conferences

If your conference calls include a mix of in-person and virtual attendees, we recommend pairing our Conference Room feature with a Polycom Trio 8300. Suitable for use in small- to medium-sized conference rooms with six or more people.

  • Poly NoiseBlock eliminates background noise
  • 12ft range
  • Audio connectivity for mobile devices
  • Future-proof flexible modular architecture

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