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RingRx includes versatile communications features designed for busy healthcare offices.

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Phone, Voicemail, Fax, And Texting For Healthcare

Advanced Phone System Built for Healthcare

With RingRx, you create a patient-first phone system that meets your unique needs.

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Whether in your office or on the go, RingRx makes connecting with patients easy. We’ll help you streamline patient communication using your mobile phone or an enterprise-quality desk phone.

Our flexible call routing and easy voicemail access mean your patients can always get in touch.

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You rely on faxing to send and receive critical documents. RingRx’s HIPAA-compliant fax system lets you conveniently and securely send faxes over the web or using your fax machine.

We also keep track of your faxes to minimize filing (and misplaced documents)

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You’ll never miss another text from patients or your team. RingRx makes it easy to send secure text messages and speeds up crucial
communications. Texting helps you stay connected with patients on their terms and improves practice workflow, so patients receive better care faster.

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On Call

RingRx OnCall streamlines after-hours communication by directing calls to the correct medical provider and device, ensuring timely patient care and reducing staff burden. Its advanced calendar and management system automates call routing, minimizing administrative work and patient wait times.

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RingRx Outreach enhances patient loyalty and maximizes appointment scheduling by automating personalized communication across voice, SMS, and email. Automated features like appointment reminders and marketing messages help keep your practice’s seats filled.

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Call Center

RingRx Call Center feature manages complex call requirements and enables call center workflows, while queues manage large numbers of calls across a pool of agents. Queue Call Picking and Monitor Whisper Barge allow users and managers to pick up calls and listen in, respectively.

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RingRx deskphones offer superior audio clarity and workflow efficiency for medical environments. They feature easy installation, remote management, and HD audio and security features. The phones support speed dial, presence monitoring, and common hold, enhancing communication in medical offices and hospitals.

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Mobile App

The RingRx Mobile App streamlines healthcare communication, allowing calls, messages, and faxes to be managed on the go. It features an office number Caller ID, spam screening, conference calls, and advanced call management. It offers easy document faxing and viewing, as well as voicemail transcription.

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RingRx offers a customizable communication system tailored for medical practices. It includes features like virtual receptionist, call routing, and personalized on-call profiles, ensuring patients and staff interact efficiently. The system integrates with existing office technology, supports marketing communications, and can include customized hold music.


Transparent Pricing, Tailored Solutions:

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Complete business phone system for any sized practice


Everything in Lite:



Enjoy business phone, fax, and text for your entire office


Everything in Lite Plus:


Business class communications solution for growing and established practices


Everything in Grow Plus:

Plan Comparison

Lite $15
Grow $19
Clinic $25
Core Business Voice Features
Business Phone Number
One voice number per User
Unlimited calling
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Secure Voicemail box
Voicemail Transcription
Team and Patient Texting
Faxing Service
Web and Machine
Free Fax Number
RingRx OnCall
Lease or buy
Lease or buy
Free Phone!!!
Conference Rooms
Virtual Receptionist
Business Associate Agreement
Advanced call routing
Unlimited Ring Groups
Privacy Defender (Anti-Spam)
Music on Hold
Integration API access
Add Ons
Add Ons
Add Ons
Call Recording
RingRx Outreach
Call Center, per Queue


Need a help?

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Yes you sure can bring a number into RingRx from another phone company.  This process is called a “Port” and we do it regularly as part of our service to our customers.  We do not charge for porting (most companies do).  After you sign up for a trial or are already have a paid subscription, we are happy to start a port anytime.

When you sign up for a new account at RingRx, we automatically assign a “temporary” number for you to use during your trial.  You can use this for as long as you want.  You can use it just for the trial, or you can keep it indefinitely when you continue your service.  Once you start a paid account, this number becomes your property and you may keep it forever.You may not port your RingRx trial number out of our service until you have setup a paid account.  We do not charge to port out.When you start your trial, we will obtain a number in your area code (or the area code you prefer) and your town city, if numbers are available.  If numbers are not available in your town or city, we try to get one as close as possible.  Sometimes, the area code you prefer is not available.  We will always contact you to find a suitable alternative.  Unfortunately we do not have the kind of number inventory that would let you pick a specific number or a vanity number. We can refer you to partners we work with if this is something you need

Yes we do sign a Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”) when you start service.  After you have started your free trial, you can get a BAA from us at anytime.  The process is simple and we guide you through it until its complete.

RingRx’s Auto Attendant (aka Menu, Phone Tree, IVR, Virtual Receptionist) includes loads of features to help you build the system that suits you best.

With RingRx’s HIPAA compliant fax system you can safely and securely send documents to hospitals, labs and healthcare partners.  Fax from the web, machine or both, all of your fax history will be saved at your fingertips.  RingRx faxing is HIPAA compliant and we sign a BAA on the start of service

RingRx is a full-featured enterprise-class communications solution. This means it works just as well for solo practitioners as it does for large multi-location clinics and hospitals. Even with a single provider or small office, you get all the same benefits and features of a large company. Our service works either with conventional deskphones, a mobile app, or a desktop app you can launch right from your browser. Your service comes along with a phone number (we either get you a new one or we can bring an existing one over from another company) plus dozens of other phone, fax, text and conference features.

Yes we sure are HIPAA compliant. Our platform is built from the ground up for security and compliance so you don’t have to worry about your patient’s information being exposed, or risk of an audit.

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