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Navigating the Complexities of HIPAA Compliance for Your Practice

When you work in healthcare, hearing about HIPAA is inevitable. There is a ton of information online about HIPAA, but finding information related to your business can be challenging as a small healthcare practice. Here are some HIPAA FAQs for smaller practices…  What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule? The HIPAA Privacy Rule dictates the proper […]

Virtual Care in 2022: A Sustainable Solution for Providers and Patients

It’s been almost two years since the COVID-19 virus catapulted the world into a pandemic. The healthcare industry continues to face numerous obstacles because of it, including hospitals filled to capacity with patients and a shortage of clinicians available to care for all of them. The physicians and nurses dealing with COVID-19 continue to experience […]

The Importance of Phone Skills for Healthcare Providers and Their Staff

The first documented medical telephone consultation occurred in 1879. Healthcare has changed dramatically in the more than 140 years since that consultation, but one of the important components of the industry remains communication. As we mentioned in a previous blog, effective communication can lead to better health outcomes through reduced medication errors. A study published […]