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5 Reasons Your Practice Needs a HIPAA-Compliant Phone System

The world is full of rules and regulations. Following speed limits, paying taxes, and not taking other people’s property are all laws by which we’re supposed to abide — or face punishment, either financially or criminally.  A key rule healthcare providers, payers, health information clearinghouses, and corresponding players must follow is keeping compliant with the […]

Eight Popular Mobile Health (mHealth) Apps

The utilization of mobile health (mHealth) apps continues to rapidly increase in the United States. Such apps enable patients to log, store and monitor their health records on their personal mobile devices. The Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) suggests that clinicians are using these tools to collect bedside data, monitor data from remote devices, […]

Ready, Set, Send HIPAA Compliant Fax with RingRx!

hipaa efax

Who wants to send a HIPAA compliant fax? Well, the answer largely depends on who you ask. Although it may be bulky and slow, some people find comfort and assurance in the sight of traditional fax machines. They do not yet trust the notion of sending their most private information into the cloud. Logging into […]

5 Ways Healthcare Mobile Apps Can Streamline Communication

healthcare mobile apps

New possibilities of technology integration within healthcare emerge every day. Here are 5 ways mobile apps can help streamline patient-doctor communication. 21st century technology has paved a new road for mobile apps in healthcare. Apps can greatly increase patient empowerment and practice efficiency. According to Michael Nusbaum, MD, one of the most beneficial aspects of […]

HIPAA Compliant Phone for Therapists: Make Every Call Count

Behavioral Therapists: Make Every Call Count

As a behavioral therapist your phone is the lifeline of your company. Our HIPAA compliant phone system for therapists is designed to help you keep in touch with patients, while giving you the freedom to leave your office and not worry about missing important calls from patients.