According to a new study by Gartner, cost, innovation, and agility are driving the adoption of cloud technology.  There is a nice synopsis on

The most commonly cited reasons the survey found for deploying SaaS were for development and testing production/mission-critical workloads,” Gartner Research Vice President Joanne Correia said in a prepared statement. “This is an affirmation that more businesses are comfortable with cloud technology deployments beyond the front office running sales force automation (SFA) and email.

  • 44 percent of respondents said overall cost reduction is their main reason for investing in cloud apps. Senior business executives (excluding CIOs) also rated cost reduction as a key benefit for investing in cloud apps, but not at the same rate as IT professionals
  • Researchers said the key drivers for SaaS included the fact that “hands-off” IT enables an organization to redirect a limited in-house staff to other responsibilities since the SaaS provider is responsible for ongoing IT support
  • Security, privacy and fear of government snooping remain leading concerns for respondents that do not use public cloud-based models
  • The traditional deployment model for on-premises software is expected to shrink from 34 percent today to 18 percent by 2017.

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