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RingRx VoIp Office Phone Capabilities

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RingRx VoIp Office Phone Capabilities

At RingRx we realize that most companies with an interest in updating their office phone are actually “window shopping” for a proper fit. There are of course some options available to you and your business. And the overriding desire is a need to progress beyond the old school way of managing these calls (the switchboard operator being a common example).

In addition to offering a HIPAA compliant office phone system, our services also include a mobile app, easy access to the on-call schedule that you set up for your practice, and a physical phone system. The advanced RingRx VOIP office phones are what I’d like to touch base on in this blog.

The phones that are offered as part of your service are the Obi1000 series, a technically advanced user-friendly office phone with the best possible clarity available on the market. These are the actual physical phones for your office to be used by you and your staff. Of course, these phones provide a seamless interface between our Cloudphone and user portal, making it easy to navigate and operate the system.

Here are some of the more exciting features that you get with an Obihai phone:

  • High-Definition ‘HD’ Voice Technology for Crystal-Clear Call Clarity – Service Dependent
  • OBiTALK Cloud Management and Service Configuration
  • Large Vivid Color Display – User Configured Themes and Multi-Dimensional Navigation
  • Full-Duplex Speakerphone with Built-In Class D Amplifier and Audio Equalizer
  • Dual Ethernet Ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support – External 12v Power Supply Included
Doug Parent

Author Doug Parent

Doug is the CEO and co-founder of RingRx. With an extensive background in healthcare telecommunications and live agent services, Doug brings a unique perspective to solving problems and simplifying operations of modern practices, clinics, hospitals and companies involved in the healthcare cycle.

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