Poor communication leads to poor patient experience. By adding a service like RingRx you can take advantage of a full suite of services to help improve communications between patients and doctors.

It is not easy being a doctor and running your own practice at the same time. Each is one full-time job in itself, and there are simply not enough hours in the day. Your office probably has piles of paperwork and there are tons of “behind-the-scenes” work going on that your patients have never even seen.

We need to face the truth though. With the rise in technology and digital transformation, patient expectations are changing. The lens that patients look through for healthcare has become similar to a savvy online consumer. They are the ones hiring you as a doctor and they expect a phenomenal patient experience just as they would at a restaurant or online shopping.

So what can you do as a doctor running your own business? Start leveraging communication technology to give patients the experience they are looking for.

Adopt a consumer mentality to communication

Save time for your practice and your patients by developing more meaningful interactions with your patients. RingRx offers a full feature communication system with desk phones, smartphone app, menus, and voicemail services. Everything is customized for modern medical practice so you can focus on clinical decision making while enhancing your practice growth and relationships.

Become the master of patient communication

Only 32% of patients say that their messages are returned promptly. Poor communication leads to poor outcomes. By adding a service like RingRx you can take advantage of a custom mobile app built specifically for healthcare practices. This allows you to avoid missing calls from patients and take/make calls while away from your office or desk. All your communications get routed straight to your smartphone or mobile device of choice so you can get things done wherever you go.

Give your patients a better experience

RingRx was created to end the persistent problems with medical office phone systems. Our ongoing goal is to develop easy-to-use technology that helps healthcare providers improve patient care while reducing costs and errors. RingRx allows you to be there for your patients even when they are not right there in front of you.

Communication before, during, and after a doctor, a visit can play a big role in your business practice and overall patient experience. Take the communications leap today. Plans with RingRx start at $15 per month and there are no contracts. Our platform is 100% HIPAA compliant. Click here to start your free 30-day trial.