The Best HIPAA Compliant Phone System for Modern Healthcare

hipaa compliant phone app

Here are 5 features our a HIPAA compliant phone system offers to help you streamline communications and bring your healthcare practice into the 21st century.

As a healthcare professional your phone is the lifeline of your company. Even with today’s modern communication options, such as texting and email, we know that more than 90% of your appointment and new patient relationships begin with an initial phone call. RingRx was fully developed around this essential idea.

So why choose us? Here are 5 features our platforms offers to help you streamline communications and bring your healthcare practice into the 21st century.

Office Phone Systems

Improve practice efficiency with a customized, easy-to-use HIPAA compliant phone system. All RingRx systems come fully featured with desk phones, mobile extensions, menus, voicemail, professional greetings, and dozens of business-class features. There are times where you will want to use a desk phone and we offer top-of-the-line Obihai phones.

Mobile App

The RingRx mobile app makes your life easier by offering you and your office members revolutionary freedom. Make or take calls from anywhere, at your convenience. Calls from the mobile app show your office caller ID – not your personal cell phone number. This allows you to call patients, labs, or pharmacies without being blocked or giving away sensitive personal information. Our visual voicemail features ensures you will never lose track of your messages again. You can even return calls directly from the app.

Web Faxing

The web-based faxing service with RingRx is simple to use, reliable, and saves you money. No more maintaining clunky printers, buying toner, and wondering if your fax has been successfully sent. With RingRx you no longer need a separate fax line. All incoming and outgoing faxes are stored directly in your account, indefinitely. You will never have to print another document again. Fax from any device or smartphone and rest assured your transmissions are encrypted and 100% HIPAA compliant.

On-Call System

Route urgent calls to the right doctor on the right device. Unlike traditional answering services, our on-call system is easy to manage and eliminates errors. The easy-to-use calendar is included with the system and looks exactly like the paper calendar you’ve always used. Utilize the full automation to meet your practice demands. The system can even send reminder texts when you have upcoming shifts or will be on-call.


Being a healthcare practice means you have rigorous rules and procedures that need to be followed to ensure data security and HIPAA compliance. Our platform is fully encrypted to industry exacting specifications to ensure your data is secure to the highest standards. RingRx provides a signed BAA upon the start of service so you know your communications are always in full HIPAA compliance.

We have fully engineered a new generation phone system designed to solve communication problems, improve mobility, and cut costs for your practice. Our platform is fully customizable, so you can have a system that works best for your unique needs. Our goal is to help you deliver the very best patient experience at the very best price.  Click here to start your free 30 day trial of RingRx.

Ready to Transform Your Healthcare Practice’s Communication for Scalable Growth?

Discover how RingRx’s tailored VoIP solutions can help your practice to scale effortlessly, enhance patient satisfaction, and streamline operations. With features designed to support multi-location support, secure messaging, advanced call routing, and more, RingRx ensures your practice is equipped for growth without compromise. Schedule your personalized demo today and see how easy it is to adapt, grow, and excel with RingRx by your side.

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