RingRx’s HIPAA Compliant Phone App is an incredibly cost-effective response to the need for processing the hundreds of important calls your practice receives each day. There are many reasons for you to trust RingRx for all of your vital communication needs. A fluid and secure channel of patient communication is vital to the health of your medical practice. In order to thrive and grow, you must be able to quickly and reliably connect with hospital staff, labs, and patients.

Cost-Effective Patient Communication

Many medical professionals have migrated to cloud-based services because it’s more affordable. With traditional phone systems, you have the cost of purchasing, storing, and maintaining on-premise servers. There will also be the inevitable charge for service calls when your on-premise servers break down, and they will. With RingRx, your servers are virtual, and we are in charge of their maintenance and upkeep. This means no more costly service calls.

Voila, You’re Mobile!

RingRx´s HIPAA compliant phone app allows for complete phone functionality, anywhere. You can access the system from your smartphone or tablet, sending and receiving text messages, creating conference calls, and managing all of your phone settings. With Ring Rx’s mobile app, you can collaborate with medical practitioners and other physicians in real-time. You can return patients phone calls, and receive emergency voicemails from your business number. RingRx is the glue that keeps you connected.

Easy, Efficient, and Convenient

A cloud-based HIPAA phone number will give you all the features you expect from an advanced telephone system, and more. It allows you the ability to connect to and manage your entire business phone system from any device, at any time, and anywhere in the world. Cloud-based tools ensure fluid, seamless access to email, instant messaging, and video and voice conferencing. Your office processes will be simplified. With traditional phone lines, completing mundane administrative tasks can be vexing and painfully time-consuming. Adding additional phone lines to a traditional phone system would require scheduling an often-time inconvenient visit from a technician with can take away from patient care. But with RingRx, accessing your system is easy. You can make real-time changes, effortlessly, from anywhere, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Nothing could be easier!

Your goal is to maintain seamless, efficient communication between physicians, patients, and staff. You’re determined to improve patient care. RingRx can help you to achieve these goals. There’s no longer a need to manage data and phone lines. Inefficient and costly traditional phone systems are fast becoming old news. Powerful, cloud-based phone systems are the wave of the future, and the future is now. With RingRx, the cost-efficient phone system that’s built for high productivity, the sky’s the limit. Contact us today to your free trial!