Welcome back from your holiday break and to the new year’s challenges! Whatever your resolutions, your office to-do list for 2023 is probably topped by improving office efficiency and increasing patient satisfaction. You also want to cut costs. It can seem like a tall order, but there is one solution that can help achieve all three goals: transitioning to VoIP technology.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a game-changing technology that improves telephonic communications while saving money. Unlike traditional landlines that rely on outdated hardware and infrastructure, VoIP operates over the internet, reducing the risk of disruptions caused by damage to physical cables and wires. It also eliminates long-distance calling fees. 

The savings can be even greater for small businesses as it does not require purchasing proprietary equipment. In the healthcare industry, VoIP can even help ensure HIPAA compliance without adding costs.

Let’s go deeper into how VoIP can save your office money:

Online Faxing Capabilities Saves Time and Money on Fax Machine Maintenance, Supplies, and Repairs 

Fax machines may still be considered HIPAA-compliant, but they are vulnerable to security breaches, inefficient, and increasingly expensive. From a security perspective, Protected Health Information (PHI) that is faxed could easily be picked up by the wrong person or sent to an incorrect phone number. And once secure information is received via fax, your office must create an electronic graphic image for entry into the patient’s Electronic Health Records. 

In terms of efficiency, sending paper faxes can make quick collaboration between colleagues challenging. You also have to manage operating the fax machine, the cost of a dedicated landline, paper, and ink cartridges, maintenance contracts, and repair or replacement costs. 

There are also indirect costs associated with operating a fax, including the time spent waiting for documents to transmit and distributing the fax to the appropriate people within your office and securely filing the information. 

A HIPAA-compliant VoIP phone system eliminates these costs while allowing you to securely send and receive documents between hospitals, labs, and healthcare partners from the web or a machine. Faxes are tracked, eliminating both filing and misplacement of documents, and workflow is improved through features such as automatic cover sheets, a smart contact directory, and easy distribution to partners. All of this happens safely and confidentially.

Save Money with VoIP: No Need to Pay for Internet and Landline/Fax Line

By switching to a VoIP HIPAA-compliant phone system, medical practices can save money on both internet and phone costs. As your practice grows, you can reduce high monthly bills and costs associated with adding new lines and equipment. VoIP systems transmit data securely over the internet, eliminating the need for individual lines. Its costs include features like call waiting, call forwarding, and virtual receptionist, saving you the expense of additional services essential to keeping your practice running smoothly.

Eliminate Hardware and Maintenance Costs with VoIP System

A VoIP health system operates without hardware or extensive equipment installation. Your existing internet-capable equipment can be used, allowing you to avoid the cost of proprietary equipment and the headaches that come with your system growing further and further out of date. VoIP systems are operated through reliable technology and can be accessed through integrated mobile apps downloaded onto your staff’s phones. New users can be added seamlessly without the cost of adding a new line or purchasing new equipment. There’s no need for on-premises server equipment or associated maintenance contracts or upgrade costs, and set-up and customization can be done without the expense of an IT expert.

How RingRX Saves Your Practice Money

While switching from a traditional phone system to a VoIP system can save any business money, the savings and efficiencies that RingRX specifically adds for its healthcare customers go beyond the generalities of reducing current costs. Medical practices have additional responsibilities to patients to maintain their Protected Health Information securely and confidentially. By choosing RingRX’s HIPAA-compliant phone system, you can eliminate the risk and cost of potential data breaches. You’ll also get the added benefit of additional features that improve office productivity, eliminate everyday frustrations, and enhance the care your practice provides to patients. You can:

  • Connect with your patients easily, accessing their contact information from any device
  • Access voicemails from your desk phone or your mobile phone
  • Integrate your office operations, no matter how many locations you have
  • Minimize administrative challenges
  • Check transcribed messages from your desk phone, a web-based portal, or from a mobile app
  • Protect your office from robocalls, telemarketing, and spam
  • Analyze calls to improve productivity
  • Send text messages to patients and colleagues without revealing your phone number
  • Fax documents to hospitals, labs, and healthcare partners from the web or a fax machine
  • Route calls to the correct on-call practitioner

All of these features are available with the cost-saving, HIPAA-compliant RingRx phone system. Want to learn more about how transitioning from your landline phone system can save money and improve your practice’s performance? 

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