The heartbeat of the American healthcare industry is the over 18 million individuals who dedicate their lives to improving the health and well-being of the nation. Comprising 15 percent of the workforce, these healthcare professionals, including allied health professionals, physicians, nurses, and clinicians, are the backbone of patient care. Their role in maintaining the three Cs of patient care – consistency, continuity, and coordination – is vital to ensuring patient safety, engagement, and satisfaction. 

Patient Experience Week is an annual event celebrating these healthcare professionals that impact patient experience each day. It was launched in 2014 by the Beryl Institute, a global community of healthcare professionals and experience champions committed to transforming the human experience in healthcare. 

A positive experience increases patient satisfaction, but it does much more. Patients who have a positive encounter with their provider are more likely to 

  • Recommend their doctor to family and friends 
  • Experience a better health outcome 
  • Adhere to treatment plans

In addition to improving patient satisfaction, positive experiences can result in increased patient retention rates, more satisfied staff, a solid reputation, and higher revenue.

Advantages of Effective Communication 

Effective communication is essential to the three C’s of patient care. It can improve health outcomes, reduce medication errors and hospital readmissions, and increase patient satisfaction. In addition, research indicates a strong positive relationship between healthcare team members and patients’ capacity to follow medical recommendations, self-manage chronic medical conditions, and adopt preventive health behaviors.

  • Improved quality of care
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores
  • Decreased stress and burnout for clinicians
  • Reduced complaints and readmissions
  • Improved staff teamwork and collaboration

Improving communication within your practice can be simple. With the right technology tools, you can solve several business and operational needs, so we designed RingRx – a phone system built specifically for healthcare. In addition to serving as a HIPAA-compliant method for communication with your staff and patients, our platform allows you to utilize a fully-automated answering service, conduct both web- and machine-based faxing, build your special call application, and more.

Use Call Routing to Quickly Connect to the Right Provider

RingRx’s advanced call routing feature is an essential tool that streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers, improving patient outcomes. The feature directs incoming calls to the right healthcare professional quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and ensuring patients receive timely and accurate information. This means patients can easily connect with specialists or healthcare professionals who are best suited to address their concerns, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of their care.

Furthermore, the call routing feature enables healthcare providers to manage and prioritize their calls, quickly addressing urgent patient concerns and avoiding potential miscommunications. The feature also allows healthcare professionals to monitor call volumes and determine the best times for scheduling appointments or follow-up calls, leading to better patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. With RingRx’s call routing feature, healthcare practices can improve communication flow and enhance patient engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Communicate with Patient On Their Terms With Text Messaging

With RingRx, you can streamline communication with patients using the most popular form of communication – texting. Our text messaging feature provides healthcare professionals with a convenient and effective way to communicate with patients, allowing them to stay up-to-date with their healthcare needs. By sending appointment reminders, medication information, and test results directly to their mobile phones, patients feel more in control of their healthcare, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

In addition to improving patient experience, RingRx’s text messaging feature also helps increase office efficiency. With unique text numbers for each user, confidentiality is maintained, and texts get to the right person or department. The feature also includes text message logging to ensure compliance with archiving or compliance purposes, and an SMS auto-responder, which lets you set up automatic text responses to let patients or team members know when to expect an action.

Call Recording for Better Patient Outcomes

RingRx’s call recording feature helps healthcare professionals monitor patient interactions to identify areas for improvement in communication, customer service, and patient care. By listening to call recordings, healthcare providers can ensure they address the patient’s concerns and take appropriate actions, resulting in better patient outcomes.

In terms of security, patients want to know that their data isn’t being compromised. Call Recording allows you to record and store calls on our HIPAA-compliant servers, meaning protected health information (PHI) is secure, and patients are more protected from data breaches and other types of cybercrime. 

As we celebrate Patient Experience Week, it’s essential to recognize the central role that communication plays in shaping the patient experience. Effective communication between healthcare providers and patients is vital for consistency, continuity, and coordination of care, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. At RingRx, we understand the importance of communication and have designed our phone system specifically for healthcare, with features like call routing, text messaging, and call recording to improve communication flow, patient engagement, and satisfaction. 

We offer plans for healthcare practices of all sizes. Start your free 14-day trial today to streamline your practice’s communications and ensure every one of your patients’ experiences are positive!