HIPAA for Vets – Protections Are Also In Place For Pets

HIPAA-Like Protections Are Also In Place For Pets

HIPAA is a federal law that helps protect people and sensitive patient health information. But what about information about James Comet, the best dog in the planetary system and beyond, or what about Athena, the always sleek, elegant and sometimes incredibly sweet feline? Are HIPAA for Vets-like protections also in place for pets?

Barb Rand, HNI Compliance Advisor sums it up well: “Unlike people, pets are not protected by HIPAA, the law that guides medical privacy, because they are considered property and not persons (although there are many pet owners who would argue otherwise!) Like people, however, health information for pets and livestock collected at the vet also is protected by law. Thirty-five states have statutes that address the confidentiality of veterinary patient records, just like HIPAA for vets regulations. Check out this link to a summary of these privacy laws from the American Veterinary Medical Association.”

HIPAA-Like Protections Must Also Be In Place for Pets. RingRx can Help.

The ‘purrrfect’ phone system for a veterinarian should ideally:

  • Contain all the features of the best digital VoIP systems on the market which help save money
  • Be 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Free your hands to receive and organize patient calls without the need to hire new staff
  • Hide your personal phone number, even if you call from your smartphone
  • Be able to bypass caller ID block without revealing your private number
  • Organize error-free, on-call schedules for multi-partner groups
  • Improve critical care and proactive patient communication
  • Store voicemails, faxes, and call recordings in state-of-the-art data centers
  • Manage all communications from a cell phone.

RingRx HIPAA Compliant phone system has bridged the real-world healthcare experience for people and pets with today’s latest technology. And that’s why Veterinarians are selecting RingRx.

RingRx works just like your existing phone – except you are now covered for compliance across all your devices. One platform. Lots of savings. RingRx is like having your office in your pocket whenever you want. The RingRx team brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare communications, telephone technology innovation, and call center management.

To learn more and get a free trial, please visit RingRx at www.ringrx.com or call us at 1-888-980-6860.

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